Dripping is an altogether different type of experience. You have to build your own coils for the atomizer, wick it yourself, and make sure that it’s affixed to a battery that is able to fire the atomizer at the given oHms that your coil is built to. Different styles of coil yield different types of vapor, in both taste and vapor production. Different wicking materials can also have an impact on your flavor and vapor experience. There is no truly “best way” to build a dripping atomizer. As with many aspects of vaping, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Which is why here at MSVapes we give you a wide range of drippers off all styles and budgets.   



Hellboy RDA

Introducing the Hellboy RDA, comes with a unique square rebuildable atomizer that comes with circular deck. With all the latest box mods in the market, a square rda such as the Hellboy will make it a great combination in term of look and performance. For the build deck, it consists of the “T” center post for easy building. The center postare measured at 2.5mm for the negatives and positive holes. The juice well is ultra-deep with the measurement of 5mm. There are 2 different styles of airholes on this Hellboy RDA. On one side, it consists of 6 air holes. While on the other side, there are 2 slit air holes. To adjust the airflows, you can twist the top cap.

Each package will comes with two drip tops: a stainless steel drip tip and Black delrin cap.