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It’s getting harder and harder to find places where smoking is permitted. In addition, there are over 4000 known noxious and toxic substances in tobacco smoke, such as carbon monoxide and arsenic. So, why are you still smoking? Like many people, you’re probably worried about unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you stop smoking. Like others, you may smoke cigarettes because you’re nervous or anxious, and you find their use sometimes has a calming effect.The fact remains though, that it’s not the cigarette that’s addictive, it’s the nicotine in cigarettes that causes those cravings. So, you might be interested to know that this is another way to get that same nicotine “hit” without risking your health by smoking cigarettes.electronic cigarette’s allow you to satisfy your craving for nicotine in a way that’s more healthy and more socially acceptable.


The E Cigarette has helped countless smokers live healthier lives and save money as well. Electronic cigarettes can be as much as 75% cheaper. You only need to buy affordable replacement nicotine cartomisers,and flavoured e-liquid of your choice.